Air Brush Make Up

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Air brush Makeup is now in fashion among girls for glamorous look.  Makeup sprayed onto your face using airbrush to cover all your pores and wrinkles and gives you a best look for every occasion. Waves Unisex Salon & Makeup Studio offers professional airbrush makeup services in Noida as well as Delhi. Airbrush Makeup can be highlighted, layered, shaded and countered. You can wear it longer than any ordinary makeup. In any other makeup, pours and wrinkles of your face are visible on high pixel supported cameras that makes a bad impression. In Airbrush makeup technique fine power or liquid is used and sprayed on your skin that gives you a non- heavy makeup and natural appearance. It is different based mixtures such as water based, polymer based, etc. We use forward back motion or circular motion with the airbrush when applying foundation that gives you an even tone. It can be easily altered in different levels like heavier, lighter, detailed or broader to get a perfect makeup, which is very popular in films and theaters. It is a freehand technique and artist doesn’t have to touch your skin. We professionally mix it allowing small amount of air flow into it to make the perfect mixture, so it can be easily used in air spray gun.